No Mo' Bumps = Impeccable After Shave
The Founder of Impeccable After Shave, No Mo' Bumps

The Founder of Impeccable After Shave

The Man Behind the Hero

I took my first shave at age 16 and found myself deeply disappointed at the results. I consulted my neighborhood barber and he recommended a depilatory. As the years went by, because of the harshness, I ended up growing beards. My dream was to wear a thick mustache with a clean shave but with a depilatory I could only shave twice a week. Eventually, I retired the depilatory and was introduced to trimmers. Trimmers did not give me that clean shave I wanted, so I went on a quest to try to find different remedies over the counter. Nothing seemed to be absolute. After years of testing natural ingredients containing anti-inflammatory properties and streamlining the results down to those safe and effective, finally No Mo’ Bumps (Impeccable After Shave) was created. In addition to the prized formula, I designed and developed a technique to use in conjunction with No Mo’ Bumps. Not only did I want to heal existing bumps but also to stop the cycle of creating new bumps and I knew proper technique is key in this equation. I am proud to say I now use a double-edged razor (daily) with excellent results; something I thought I would never be able to do.

We have had tremendous success in helping folks with their face and neck areas and we have now been focusing on the bumps that have surfaced on the back of the neck from haircuts.

I am inspired by the numerous emails, calls and letters I receive from customers who have taken the time to share their results with me. I encourage you to reach out with your stories, comments and questions to


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