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Black Businesses and Razorbumps

I attended the Justice or Else rally marking the 20th Anniversary of the Million Man March in Washington D.C. It was a remarkable chance to see so many black men assembled at one time united in many ways yet, after it’s all said and done,  we continue to fail to come together and support one another to make black businesses successful.

The hair weave industry is controlled by the Korean community, who have built their businesses through a network of strong family support.  We in the black community would be well-served to strive to support one another in business ventures levitra target pharmacy to strength our community on similar ways.

The shaving industry is dominated largely by the major name brand companies and yet

the small, minority-owned companies don’t always get the support from the black community that they seek to serve. The brand name has the credibility, even if the results are not optimum (results in razorbumps – we tell ourselves it just is the way it is). ‘

Those specializing in the treatment of razorbumps (often small, minority-owned companies) are often overlooked. But let’s consider, who better to come up with a solution to razorbumps than those who have experienced them? So next time you are considering a new razor bump product, weigh all your options.  You might just find the solution and support your community in the same effort.

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