No Mo' Bumps = Impeccable After Shave
18 Month Impeccable Results - Impeccable After Shave

18 Month Progression of Impeccable Results

Below are 18 month Impeccable Results from a real Impeccable After Shave customer. The customer featured below has had long-lasting results using this anti-inflammatory solution to razor bumps. Proper shaving technique, the choice of the best shaving tool and the use of Impeccable After Shave, can be used to effectively control the recurrence of razor bumps. Check out the testimonial and photos below, and see for yourself!

  • Before Treatment - Female Case
  • After 7 Days
  • After 14 Days
  • After 18 Months


Tools Used: Trimmers
Case Level: Severe
Occupation: Pharmacy Technician

“By the time I was introduced to No Mo’ Bumps (Impeccable), my condition was worse than ever. I had even more scars and severe bumps than I ever had from using a triple edge razor blade. I now use No Mo’ Bumps daily in combination with using trimmers every other day to remove the hair from just above the surface. Witch hazel helps cleanse and lighten the area. My skin is so sensitive if I vary from my routine even slightly, the bumps can get infected and painful. Thanks to No Mo’ Bumps my face is under control, steadily improving. I don’t know what my face would have been like had I not been introduced to No Mo’ Bumps and better technique. I am in the public eye and previously felt uncomfortable. I now feel confident and proud. No Mo’ Bumps has been a blessing.”