No Mo' Bumps = Impeccable After Shave
Rave Reviews of Impeccable After Shave - DC Metro Area

Rave Reviews of Impeccable After Shave

Impeccable After Shave has been in use for several years in the Washington D.C. Metro area and has received raving reviews. Several area barber shops have used, sold and recommended the product to their clients due to the results they have witnessed. If you have comments/feedback you would like to share about our products, your experience, or shaving tips, please email us.

“I just wanted to thank you for creating a good product that does wonders!!!! I used No Mo’ Bumps for approximately 3 weeks and I immediately saw a BIG difference. I will continue to encourage family and friends to use your product. Thanks Alot.”
— K from Hyattsville, Md.

“I am absolutely razor bump free thanks to your product and shaving advice. I now use your product to maintain my results – THANK YOU!!!”
— Clyde M., Woodbridge, NJ

“My husband swears by this. It took care of all the bumps on the back of his head!!!! Thanks for a GREAT product!”
— Lorraine H., Palatine, IL

“I’m 46-years-old and trouble with ingrown hair had always kept me from using a blade on a regular basis. In fact, departing from my routine of a not-too-close electric shave and using a blade only once in a great while would result in weeks of digging ingrown whiskers out of my face with tweezers. But no more !! No Mo’ Bumps has changed my life. Now I can use either a blade or my electric razor (on the “close” setting) with no penalty. I was only halfway through my first bottle when I noticed the change. I’m now just about done with my third bottle and I know that my daily use of No Mo’ Bumps is what makes the difference. Wow !! Thanks a lot Mr. Bailey. You have done a real service for your fellow men.”
— James S. Lakewood, OH

“I started using your product on Saturday and saw immediate results. Your product has improved my ingrown hairs on all areas of face, neck and back of neck especially. The hairs seem to pop out with use of the product. Plus the hairs I tweeze out come out with eaze. I will recommend your product to all and will be a lifetime user. Thanks for a great product.”
— C. Mikel, Milwaukee, WI

“Thanks for sending me this product and me trying it is wonderful, This product has done wonders to my head but I have a ways to go but has helped and will continue to use it. I have talked to a friend of mine to try it. I don’t know why more dermatologists try this product. Thanks again. I’ve ordered two more bottles.”
— D. Williams, Dallas, TX

“It works!”
— J. Ralph, Columbia, SC