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Putting Your Best Face Forward for Success - Impeccable After Shave

Putting Your Best Face Forward for Success

Is a clean-shaven face necessary for success? That’s quite often a big yes!  A clean-shaven look portrays a professional  image and projects ones confidence and sense of pride. When applying for a job or promotion on any level, often the face is key to making a first impression, and and can project polish, poise, professionalism. While the corporate world has in many places, relaxed the dress-code, one should remain sensitive not only to the tone of their employer, but also to those the employer seeks to service. Who are their customers and how will they best respond to you.  Many companies allow for a business casual environment in which a bearded face may well be acceptable, but even so it is necessary to consider the clients and customers of the employer and “put your best face forward” when considering whether or not facial hair is appropriate and best for you in your work environment. Beth Landman of the New York Post writes, in her article entitled  More Men Are Growing Beards – But Are Employers Hiring Them, “Does this mean it’s safe for job seekers to turn up at an interview with a goatee or soul patch? It all depends on where you want to work and how you groom your hair.”  It’s worthy of some thought.

Of course, some of us love the facial hair simply for the look, and others because it saves us from the variety of shaving complications: razor burn, razor bumps and the like.  Or maybe Movember inspired you to grow out the facial hair and you are liking the look and feel.

When interviewing, perhaps shave the facial hair until you have opened the door and proven you are well-qualified.   It will grow back!  Much preferred to wondering if perhaps you didn’t get the job because you should have shaved!  Put your best face forward for success, carefully weighing what is appropriate for your work environment.

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