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Razor Blade Combined with Trimmers - Impeccable After Shave

Razor Blade Combined with Trimmers

Using a razor blade combined with trimmers can be a winning combination. For those prone to razor bumps the fear of razor blades is often deeply rooted and these shaving myths generally are founded in some truth.  That said, proper shaving technique, good tools and products, and knowing your own skin, can go a long way in alleviating the distress that comes from unsightly razor bumps and bring razor bumps relief.

One of my fifty year old customers refuses to use  a razor and instead uses a small battery-operated trimmer. I have tried many times to convince him to use a razor blade (no way).

I respect a shaver right to choose.  In fact, I have always supported both. Try using trimmers where you can’t use a razor blade such as the sensitive neck area, and a razor on parts of the face that will tolerate the blade.
In summary , one of the hardest things to do is to convince a shaver to use a razor after being afflicted with razor bumps.  Finding the balance of what tool to use on each part of your face combined with a quality after shave designed for razor bump treatment can be a key to a smooth clean shaven bump-free face. There are new products being launched every day, as well as seasoned niche products such as Impeccable After Shave designed for those who suffer with razor bumps.