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Razor Blades – 1,2,3,4 or more?

How many razor blades does it take,

1,2,3, 4 or more... What’s the right number for you? Should you even be using a razor at all? In the end, as long as you obtain a clean smooth shave, the number is not important.  Whether the blade is designed for men or women it’s the same metal that cuts the hair from your face.  We are inundated with commercials and hype telling us that more blades are necessary yet often keeping it simple, especially for those prone to razor bumps, is essential.  Blades (or having multi-blades) that are too sharp can allow the hair to slip below the skin’s surface and cause bumps.

Frankly, too much attention is focused on blades and not on the other aspects of the total hair removal process.  How is your technique? What do you use to prepare your face (preshave) and do you have an effective aftershave?  Bottomline, a total approach must be identified.

So as we watch the big game this weekend, and see all the fancy commercials…keep in mind, you must “know thy face”.  Don’t get caught up in the hype of the latest multi-blade razor, and instead find what works best for you…it might well be that back to basic razor you have in the cabinet.

There are new products being launched every day, as well as seasoned niche products such as Impeccable After Shave designed for those who are prone to razor bumps, but you must determine what is best for your face.