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Surprise Razor for Sensitive Skin

Sensitive Skin Razors

When seeking a razor for sensitive skin prone to razor bumps, don’t rule out those designed for the ladies. A feminine sensitive skin razor may work well.

I opened the bathroom mirror the other morning to find, much to my horror, I was out of razors.  A flashback of a recent commercial I saw on TV flashed in my head about a man cialis generique that used his wife’s feminine

body wash. He felt compelled to start  a massive scrub to keep his masculinity.  Oh boy, my turn… I was forced to use one of my wife’s pink razors for sensitive skin. Not bad… even great! Went out and bought a month’s supply, and I’m now in my second week with good results.

If indeed these razors are designed for sensitive “feminine” skin, perhaps if one simply drops the “feminine” part you end up with a sensitive skin razor appropriate for all.

Try sampling some feminine blades for a few weeks. You too may come up with some very good results.  Of course, I would be remiss while we are talking about Pink not to mention this is being written during the National Month of Breast Cancer Awareness.  While most people are aware of

breast cancer, many forget to take the steps to have a plan to detect the disease in its early stages and encourage others to do the same. So please take care of yourself and those around you. Click more information

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