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Troubleshooting For Razor Bump Relief

Perhaps your shaving tool is aggravating those dreadful razor bumps?  Lets troubleshoot for razor bump relief, shall we?

If you’re using the following shaving tool consider:

  • Razor and products. The issue may be the razor or products (or both).  It will take trial and error to narrow down the root of the issue.  Technique (pressure and direction) and limiting irritants in products is key.
  • Trimmers and product. Frequently razor bumps are promoted by trimmers that are poorly maintained (not disinfected, not oiled properly). viagra generique prix rapide  May also be the product or even sensitivity to the disinfectant or oil.
  • Depilatories, often work but sometimes remove hair too close causing razor bumps. Chemicals are harsh and can irritate already sensitive razor bump prone skin.
  • Electric rotary razor: if it works for you, go for it. Very seldom shaves too close causing razor bumps, but generally will not produce a perfect clean shave.
  • Lazer treatment: removes unwanted hair, not razor bumps.

Bottom line, get to know your face.  What works for someone else, may not work for you.  It may take some careful trial and error and understanding of the pros and cons of the various shaving tools to find the best shaving tool to troubleshoot for razor bump relief. Patience my friend.

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