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Five Year Impeccable Results - Impeccable After Shave

Five Year Progression of Impeccable Results

Below are five year Impeccable Results from a real Impeccable After Shave customer. The customer featured below has had long-lasting results using this anti-inflammatory solution to razor bumps. Proper shaving technique, the choice of the best shaving tool and the use of Impeccable After Shave, can be used to effectively control the recurrence of razor bumps. Check out the testimonial and photos below, and see for yourself!

  • Razor bumps can be a factor on the facial area, front and back of the neck
  • After 14 Days
  • After 3 Years
  • Razor Bump Treatment for Back of the Neck
    Eyes on the Back of the Neck

Harold C.

Tools Used:Trimmers/Bump Free Razor
Case Level:Severe
Occupation:Travel industry requiring close contact with clients – appearance and grooming are important.

“For many years I have struggled with the ever-worsening bumps on the back of my neck at the hairline. Razor bumps have always been a problem for me in all areas I shave, but even more so on the back of the neck. Bailey Enterprises, Inc. was the first to suggest the need to check with my barber to insure the clippers were being disinfected between customers (the clipper/trimmer manufacturers produce a spray for this purpose). My barber was more cautious about disinfecting the clippers and I worked on improving my technique while shaving the facial areas. In combination with No Mo’ Bumps (Impeccable), I soon saw the results I had dreamed of all my life. My razor bump condition is now under control, maintained by use of No Mo’ Bumps and improved shaving techniques. The base of my hairline is now a source of pride. Not surprisingly, my barber and those in his shop now use and recommend No Mo’ Bumps to their clients.”