No Mo' Bumps = Impeccable After Shave
Shaving Technique - You Can Shave Without Shaving Too Close
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Shaving Technique

You Can Be Clean-Shaven Without Shaving Too Close

A Shaving Technique is every bit as important as the after shave formula you use. Some of our earliest memories are of a male member of our family standing over a sink with a razor in hand. How we wanted to be just like that. Foam on our face and then stroking the razor down our cheek. Then we are dazzled by the advertising of a close clean shave. But for a number of us that means razor burn and bumps with no relief in sight. What we did not learn was the proper technique to shave.


When selecting a shaving cream/gel, choose a formula that is natural in that it limits the amount of added fragrance, color, chemicals and other irritants. You may also find that a pump, rather than aerosol, produces the best results due to the reduced additives. Such a product, Kiss My Face Moisture Shave, is available on our order page.

Before shaving and with freshly cleaned hands, wash your facial area, preferably with a hypo-allergic fragrance free cleanser or soap in a gentle manner. Pat, rather than rub, your face dry. Saturate the face well with a shaving lubricate. Begin shaving with downward strokes going with the direction of the hair’s growth. Do not shave in any other direction. It is important not to press too firmly with the blade. Trimmers may be substituted for razor blades. Depilatories should not be used in conjunction with this product. If you need to press firmly, the blade is not sharp enough and should be replaced. Razor blades should be replaced regularly. Ideally, replace no later than after the second shave, but for greater success – use a new blade each time. Double edge blades work well with little pressure. Higher quality blades will provide the best results. The goal should be to have a clean shaven face, not closely shaven. The facial hair should be shaved to be just above the skin level so as to keep the hair’s end from curling up underneath the skin’s surface. After shaving, you should be able to brush your hand upwards and feel very slight stubble. If not you have shaved too closely you should attempt to shave with lighter strokes the following time. It is recommended you shave daily (or at least, every second day) to maintain a consistent pattern. This aids in creating a smoother texture to the skin, thereby enabling a better glide and scuffing off remaining scar tissue from earlier bumps.

Applying Impeccable After Shave

After shaving, splash the product on the facial area being careful to avoid the eyes and openings. Allow to dry naturally. Repeat this step before bed (after first washing your face) even if you have not shaved again. Use the formula twice a day regardless of whether you have shaved that day. If you find that the product stings initially, you may wish to wait a short while after shaving before applying.

Depilatories should not be used in conjunction with this product.